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Custom Order Form


For quality assurance, please allow 48 hours for Designer to personally review your custom order and offer design suggestions (if any) and to check fabric availability. We will respond with notes and final pricing.

For more than one custom dress please list silhouettes and fabrics in order of desired pairing. Use a coma to seperate silhouettes and fabrics. 

Example below:

Silhouette:                         Fabric:

Mya, Genoa, Gracie         #454, #227, #581

This is where you can get very specific. It helps the designer understand your sizing better. Please include your height, and Bust, Waist and Hip measurements. Additionally please specify your preference for length to be above or below the knee and for maxi styles to be floor length, ankle length or in between. 

Example: Bust 38", Waist 31", Hip 36". I am 5'5", I usually wear a size M or 8-10, and I like the dress to hit about 2" above the knee. I wear long dresses with flat shoes so for the dress to hit 2-3" above ground is a perfect length.

Thanks for your order!

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